How to Check if CPU is Overclocked?

How to check if CPU is overclocked

There are many ways to check if your CPU is overclocked or not. Some are intuitive and easy to follow, while others require technical know-how. The three popular practices to prevent the CPU is overclocked will be reviewed in this article. The first method is the easiest, where you use the built-in OS utilities like …

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How to Test Motherboard Without CPU?

How to test motherboard without CPU

You would want to test your motherboard without the CPU attached for many reasons. Essentially, this test would allow you to troubleshoot your motherboard and pinpoint where a specific fault lies. Testing a motherboard without a CPU is quite simple. You must ensure it is connected to the power supply unit and placed on a …

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Will Motherboard POST Without CPU?

will motherboard post wihout CPU

The simple answer is that the computer will NOT POST without a CPU regarding DISPLAYING the POST screen. However, it may flash LEDs or make beeping sounds, a POST function. The motherboard on your computer is an essential component. It is the computer’s nervous system since it interconnects all the elements that need to communicate …

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What CPU is Compatible with My Motherboard?

What CPU is compatible with my motherboard

You must see the socket model to know if your CPU is compatible with your motherboard. Every CPU has a specific socket requirement that you can find out from their specifications. For instance, the latest Intel 10th and 11th Gen desktop CPUs require the LGA1200 socket, whereas the AMD Ryzen 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and …

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Is a Quad-Core Processor Good for Gaming?

Is a quad core processor good for gaming

You must check a few boxes when building your gaming PC to avoid surprises or disappointments. It’s, therefore, a great idea to ask questions such as whether the quad-core processor is good for gaming. Many games, including some modern AAA titles, will run just fine on a quad-core processor. But if you want to squeeze …

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What is AMD Equivalent to Intel Core i7?

What is AMD Equivalent to Core i7

The AMD equivalent to the Core i7 is the AMD Ryzen 7 processor. This family of generally high-performance CPUs packs a lot of power, delivering up to 8 cores and 16 threads with copious clock speeds and overclocking capabilities. When building a PC for heavy lifting and professional work, you will probably have your eyes …

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What Does Processor Count Mean?

What does processor count mean featured

Processor Count refers to the number of Cores a CPU has. A core is a tiny processor built into a larger chipset capable of independent computations. The number of cores varies greatly, with some CPUs sporting two and beefed-up ones having up to 64 or more cores. In the old days, when things were simpler, …

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