Does Motherboard Matter for Gaming?

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A motherboard is simply a skeleton or channel of communication that holds all the pieces of a PC together. As far as the question “does motherboard matter for gaming” goes, a motherboard DOES NOT directly influence the performance of any game or the CPU that goes on it. In other words, whether you were to …

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Do Motherboards Have Integrated Graphics?

An integrated graphics card is an essential component required to send the video signals to the display from the motherboard’s video output ports. In case if your PC does not have an integrated graphics card, you will most certainly need to invest in a dedicated graphics card for connecting your monitor display. So as far …

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When to Upgrade Motherboard?

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There are many reason that can warrant a motherboard upgrade. While motherboards are rarely changed, there comes a time when upgrading this crucial component becomes a necessity. Generally, upgrading the motherboard means a complete overhaul of your system as motherboard upgrade often requires a CPU upgrade as well. Here we will talk in detail about …

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What are Motherboard Power Phases and VRMs?

Motherboard Power Phases are basically a power control technique through which the motherboard provides clean, stable and consistent power to the CPU as well as to the RAM. Essentially the power phases of a motherboard are determined by its Voltage Regulator Modules (VRM). Basically, the higher the number of VRMs the motherboard has the higher …

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