Why Do Laptops Have Two Graphics Cards?

why do laptops have two graphics cards featured

Often laptops have two graphics cards for performance and power consumption management. In this configuration, one of the graphics card is used for light applications and thus conserves power, whereas, the second graphics card is used when heavier applications are being run. The graphics card intended for low-key tasks, like word processing, and for battery …

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Do I Need Integrated Graphics?

do i need integrated graphics

Whether you need an integrated graphics card or not depends upon whether you plan to buy a dedicated graphics card for your PC build or not. If you plan to buy a dedicated graphics card for your PC build, then you will NOT need to have an integrated graphics on your CPU at all. Generally …

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Does Dual Monitor Use More GPU?

does dual monitor use more gpu

Whether dual monitor uses more GPU or not depends upon what kind of work you are performing on your PC.  As far as gaming is concerned, according to several tests conducted by users, as well as by myself, there isn’t a whole lot of difference in performance when using a single monitor or two monitors …

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Can You Use AMD GPU with Intel CPU?

You absolutely can use AMD GPU with Intel CPU. There should literally be no conflicts or issues here when running an AMD graphics cards with an Intel processor. Often people assume that since AMD and Intel are rivals in the microprocessor segment, that their products would be incompatible with each other. Fortunately, this isn’t Microsoft …

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Do You Need Two Graphics Cards for Dual Monitors?

Do You Need Two Graphics Cards for Dual Monitors

Having dual monitors for your PC can make your work experience more efficient and your gaming experience more lively. However, if you are new to setting up a dual monitor display, then you may rightly ask “do you need two graphics cards for dual monitors?” The simple answer to that question is a no. You …

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