What is the Suitable Idle Temperature for GPU?

What is Suitable Idle Temperature for GPU featured

The GPU is often the most expensive component inside a gaming PC. Due to the intensive processing power, the GPUs can run at rather high temperatures just like the CPU. Although the heating is normal, there are levels at which you should be seriously concerned. The processing, data transfer, calculations, etc. that occur inside the …

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Is 6GB Graphics Card Enough for Gaming?

is 6gb graphics card enough for gaming featured

The 6GB graphics cards still hold an extraordinary place in the current race featuring ever higher VRAM. While 6GB is nowhere near the top-of-the-line graphics card like the NVIDIA RTX 4090 (24 GB) feature, they are still highly relevant for gamers today. The simple answer to whether a 6GB graphics card is enough for gaming …

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With is the Difference Between APU vs. GPU

Difference Between APU vs GPU featured

Every working PC requires some form of the graphics processor (GPU) to generate a display. This graphics processor may be integrated or dedicated, but the primary purpose remains the same: the production & rendering of frames. While the term GPU in everyday language means dedicated graphics, the term GPU relates to both reliability and integration. …

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Why are Games Not Using GPU? – How to Fix

Why are games not using GPU - how to fix

Once you spend a hefty amount on a computer part like the GPU, you want the system to utilize that new resource. In some cases, the system refuses to do so, resulting in frustration for the user. This would beg the question, why are games not using GPU after all? And how to fix this …

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GPU Hierarchy 2023: Graphics Card Tiered Performance List

graphics card hierarchy

Since the 1995-2005 era of VGA cards, and the release of Nvidia’s GeForce 256 GPU in 1999, there have been a lot of technological advancements in the world of graphics cards. New generations of cards are released every year, with improved efficiency and record-breaking performance. To study the progression of GPUs, I created a GPU …

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