How to Check What Motherboard You Have?

Whether you want to upgrade your RAM, want to learn what CPU socket your motherboard has, want to understand the overall expansion capability of your motherboard, or simply want to troubleshoot an issue, you would want to know its make and model. Fortunately, there are several method on how to check what motherboard you have. …

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What Makes a Motherboard Good?

There is a combination of features and specs that make a motherboard good or bad and that all depends upon your needs and budget. But generally, the chipset, the amount of PCIe lanes and their version, the VRM design, USB ports and their version and various other bells and whistles make a motherboard good or …

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How Many Cores Does an i5 Have?

how many cores an i5 have featured

Intel Core i5 CPUs are what we call the “mainstream” CPUs. Whether you are a gamer or a professional, an i5 can give you an excellent performance and value. As far as the question of how many cores does an i5 have goes, it all depends upon the model in question. If you look at …

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Why RAM is Called Volatile Memory?

Why RAM is called volatile memory featured

If you are a consumer buying parts for your PC or a student of computer systems, you may have come across an important term called “Volatile Memory” particularly in relation to the RAM sticks. What is volatile memory and why RAM is called volatile memory? In simplest of words, a volatile memory is basically a …

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How to Connect Motherboard Internal Speaker?

Motherboard internal speaker, also known as beep code speaker, system speaker or a buzzer, is an important tool in identifying and troubleshooting a hardware issue with your PC. But if you are new to PC building you can get confused on how to connect motherboard internal speaker properly. A motherboard internal speaker basically needs to …

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