Why Do Motherboards Have HDMI Ports?

If PCs have a dedicated graphics card with video connectivity ports then why do motherboards have HDMI ports as well? Why have the redundancy? The answer to this question is fairly simple. Motherboards have HDMI ports for connecting your monitor to IN CASE if your PC does not have a dedicated graphics card. Many budget …

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How to Get 120FPS on PS5?

So you have just bought a shiny new PlayStation 5, but you just cant seem to get the 120FPS as promised by the console. So naturally, this would beg the question “how to get 120FPS on PS5?” Well, basically, in order to get 120FPS with your PS5, you need to have the right devices as …

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Does My Laptop Have an HDMI Input?

does my laptop have an hdmi input

In order to display stuff on a monitor or TV, you need to have an input port. Often people wonder if they can use a laptop’s screen to connect a device to hence they often ask “does my laptop have an HDMI input port?” Unfortunately, the answer to the question is a resounding no. In …

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Does PS5 Support 144Hz Refresh Rate?

As far as the question of refresh rate goes, the answer to the question “does PS5 support 144Hz refresh rate?” is a no. HOWEVER, if by that question you mean does PS5 support 144Hz monitors, then the answer is yes. In other words PS5 cannot output 144 frames per second. It is limited to 120 …

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How to Connect Monitor With No HDMI Ports?

how to connect monitor with no HDMI ports featured

While HDMI ports are very common among monitors, certain monitors, particularly the older monitors, do not feature an HDMI port at all. Which begs the question, “how to connect monitor with no HDMI ports?”. Fortunately, there is a very easy solution to this. Basically you can use a different port or video interface adapter. The …

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Does PS5 Come with HDMI 2.1 Cable?

As is the case with all newer generation gaming consoles, Sony PS5 is also made with future specs into consideration. As such, in order to cater to the specs of what is about to come on TVs and monitors, PS5 offers the newer HDMI 2.1 interface. As far as the question, does PS5 come with …

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How to Check HDMI Port on Laptop?

how to check hdmi port on laptop

There are several ways on how to check HDMI port on laptop and it all involves taking a look at the specsheet. The specsheet of a laptop can not only tell you the version of the HDMI port, but can also detail its supported specifications. You can access the specsheet of your laptop by heading …

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What is HDMI Input Used For?

One of the most basic questions asked by those unfamiliar with the audio/video interfaces is “what is HDMI input used for?”. HDMI ports, being the most widespread interface for multimedia connectivity, can be either input or output. HDMI input ports are generally found on display devices such as monitors, TVs and projectors. They are basically …

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