How to Check if RAM is Dual Channel?

how to check if ram is dual channel featured

So you’ve bought a shiny new 16 GB memory kit with two RAM sticks and full-on RGB features. Excitedly, you install the new RAM sticks in the motherboard and boot up your system. Everything seems fine till your PC starts stuttering. Your games start taking significantly longer to load and your FPS are taking a …

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Where is RAM in Device Manager?

where is ram in device manager featured

If you have ever accessed the Device Manager on your Windows then you may have noticed that a tab for RAM is missing. So where is RAM in device manager? Well, the simple answer is that RAM does NOT exist in the Device Manager at all. Hence, you cannot find it listed in there.  There …

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Can You Reuse Old RAM Sticks?

can you reuse old ram sticks fetaured

The short and simple answer is yes! You CAN reuse old RAM sticks on a different PC IF AND ONLY IF the new computer also supports the same RAM type. It is actually a fairly common practice to save your RAM sticks for use later on. Since RAM versions take a long time to update, …

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Which Motherboards Support DDR5 RAM?

which motherboards support ddr5 ram

After a long wait, the DDR5 RAM modules are here. As is the case with each newer RAM generation, the DDR5 RAM greatly improves over maximum bandwidth compared to DDR4. However, to reap the benefits of the newer RAM generation, you need to have a compatible motherboard. Currently, only Intel 600 series motherboards offer support …

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