How Many Hard Drives Can a PC Have?

How many Hard drives can a pc have

The number of hard drives a PC can have depends upon two factors. Firstly, it depends upon the type of hard drive you wish to install i.e Hard Disk Drive, or SSD. Secondly, it depends upon how much expansion capability your motherboard has i.e ports and slots. As such, there is no maximum number of …

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Is 512GB SSD Enough for Gaming?

is 512GB SSD enough for gaming

The short and simple answer to the question whether 512GB SSD is good enough for gaming or not is a yes. 512 GB can be considered quite sufficient if you want to have only a handful of games installed on your system at a time. As such, 512GB SSD capacity just barely hits the mark. …

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Is 1TB SSD Enough for Gaming?

is 1 TB SSD enough for gaming featured

The short answer to the question “is 1TB SSD enough for gaming?” is a yes. 1TB SSD is in fact more than enough for most gaming systems.  However, the amount of storage space you need for your system is entirely subjective. In other words, the amount of storage you need, SSD or HDD, depends upon …

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How to Add More M.2 SSD Slots?

how to add more M.2 slots

Those who have tried the remarkable performance gains they can achieve with an SSD just can’t get enough of it. Hence, often people ask, how to add more M.2 SSD slots or how to add a second SSD if their motherboard only comes with a single M.2 slot. Fortunately, the process of adding more M.2 …

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How Many SATA Drives Can I Connect?

how many sata drives can i connect featured

Simply put there is no limitation to how many SATA drives you can connect to your PC.  The answer to the question “how many SATA drives can I connect?” is that it depends upon what motherboard you have. Basically, the amount of SATA drives you can connect to your PC depends largely upon how many …

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Can You Split SATA Data Cable?

The short answer to the question “can you split SATA Data cable?” is a no. SATA data cables cannot be split. In other words, you need to provide a separate data cable to each an every SATA drive you connect to your PC. This in turn means that you need a separate SATA port on …

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What Are SATA Cables Used For?

SATA cables, as the name suggests, are used to connect SATA hard drives to your motherboard.  SATA is one of the two primary interfaces, the other one being PCIe, for adding storage drives to your PC. SATA is the more popular and commonly used interface of the two for adding storage drives. On a desktop, …

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What is SATA 2.5?

SATA 2.5 basically refers to the size of the hard drive. In other words it refers to the form factor in INCHES. So a SATA 2.5 has a disk platter that is 2.5 inches in diameter. A SATA 2.5″ hard drive is much smaller in comparison to the SATA 3.5″ hard drive. Often people confuse …

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