Why Does My Laptop Keep Freezing?

Why does may laptop keep freezing

We have all experienced computer freezing at one point or another. It can be quite the frustrating  experience particularly if you are in the middle of your work or in an intense gaming session. In majority of the cases, freezes happen only once in a blue moon. However, other times this could be a chronic …

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Do Laptops Have PCIe Slots?

do laptops have pcie slots featured

The short and simple answer to the question “do laptops have PCIe slots?” is a no. Unlike desktop motherboards, laptops DO NOT have PCIe slots. While laptops use the PCIe protocol for communication, they do not have physical PCIe slots for adding more cards. As such, the expandability aspect of a computer is far lower …

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Can You Upgrade a Laptop Motherboard?

can you upgrade a laptops motherboard featured

Generally, the answer is a NO, unfortunately. Laptop motherboards cannot be upgraded. The simple reason is that the laptop motherboards are not uniform. They differ drastically in size and power requirements. Unlike desktop motherboards, laptop motherboards do not have a standard size. While laptops from a single brand and a similar series and generation may …

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Do Laptops Have Graphics Card?

do laptops have graphics card featured

Yes, all laptops have a graphics card. In fact, all PCs with display capability have to have a graphics card. Without a graphics card, you would not be able to see anything on your monitor screen. The question, “Do laptops have graphics cards?” should, in fact, be rephrased as “Do laptops have DEDICATED graphics cards?”. …

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Laptop CPU vs. Desktop CPU – How They Differ

laptop cpu vs desktop cpu featured 2

There is no doubt that desktop CPUs perform better than laptop CPUs. However, it would be best if you looked at several factors to understand the true extent of differences between laptop and desktop CPUs. You have to look at the clock speed, core count, single-core and multi-core performance, and consider different series of CPUs …

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Can I Upgrade My Laptop Graphics Card?

can i upgrade my laptop graphics card

If you find that your laptop doesn’t have enough juice to sustain heavier graphics processing on newer gaming titles and for your professional work, you may rightly ask, “can I upgrade my laptop graphics card?” Unfortunately, the answer to the question is no. You cannot upgrade the graphics card inside your laptop. The simple reason …

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Can You Use Laptop RAM on Desktop?

can you use laptop ram in desktop

If you have spare laptop RAM sticks, you may get an itch to try them up on a desktop, which begs the question, can you use laptop RAM in desktop? The answer to this question isn’t simple. Technically, you CAN use laptop RAM in desktop using a RAM adapter that converts SO-DIMM to DIMM, but …

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Can I Use Laptop CPU in Desktop?

Can i use laptop cpu in desktop

If you have a spare CPU lying around or have the itch to know whether you can use a laptop CPU on a desktop, I will try to demystify the answer for you. The simple answer to this question, unfortunately, is a no. The biggest reason behind this is that laptops’ CPUs use a completely …

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