How Many SATA Cables Do I Need?

How many sata cables do i need

If you have one CD ROM drive and one hard disk, you will need two SATA Data cables and two SATA Power cables—one set of cables per drive.  Each SATA drive requires a SATA Data cable and a SATA Power cable to operate. The SATA cables are provided with the motherboard, and the power cables …

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How to Add More SATA Ports to Motherboard?

How to add more sata ports to motherboard featured 3

You can add more SATA ports to your motherboard using a SATA Expansion Card (SATA Port Multiplier). It is a PCIe device that connects to a PCIe slot on your motherboard and may feature multiple SATA connectors for attaching your storage devices. A modern motherboard has multiple SATA ports that connect hard disk drives, solid-state …

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