Why Does My Laptop Keep Freezing?

Why does may laptop keep freezing

We have all experienced computer freezing at one point or another. It can be quite the frustrating  experience particularly if you are in the middle of your work or in an intense gaming session. In majority of the cases, freezes happen only once in a blue moon. However, other times this could be a chronic …

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Are ATX Motherboards Good for Gaming?

Are ATX motherboards good for gaming featured

ATX motherboards are perhaps the most common form factor of motherboards and also the one that gamers prefer the most. But are ATX motherboards good for gaming in the first place? There are three main factors to consider here: expandability, value for money and performance. ATX motherboards are great for gamers who prefer expandability and …

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Which HDMI Port to Use for 4K?

Which HDMI port to use for 4k featured

HDMI ports are not uniform. While they may all look the same, they can be lightyears apart in terms of the bandwidth they can carry. And with the current 4K trend becoming the new norm, it naturally begs the question “which HDMI port to use for 4K?” Basically, HDMI ports conforming to version 1.4 and …

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Where is SSD Located in Your PC?

Where is SSD Located Featured

Whether you want to troubleshoot your SSD, replace it, or unplug it, you would want to know where it is located in the first place. The exact location of an SSD varies from motherboard to motherboard and also on what kind of SSD you have. There are two kinds of SSDs, M.2 and SATA SSDs …

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How Much SSD Do I Need for Gaming?

How Much SSD Do I Need for Gaming Featured

If you are building a new gaming PC or if you are planning on buying a prebuilt rig, then it is almost certainly a must to have an SSD installed. An SSD can drastically improve your quality of life on PC and your overall gaming experience. But of course, along with understanding what KIND of …

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What Kind of Computer Do I Have?

What kind of computer do i have

Whether you want to check how powerful your current computer is or whether you want to learn the details of a certain component in order to upgrade it, you will need to know how to find and understand the details of your system. There are many ways to learn what kind of computer you have. …

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What Does Check Signal Cable Mean?

What Does Check Signal Cable Mean Featured

It can be quite dreadful to see your monitor not display anything even after you have connected it to a video output port on your PC. Often times, in this situation you will see a prompt on your monitor saying “Check Signal Cable” begging the question, “What does check signal cable mean after all?”  Basically, …

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