What is AMD Equivalent to Core i9?

Core i9 CPUs are some of the beefiest CPUs that Intel has to offer. Essentially, just as is the case with the rest of the series, the AMD equivalent to Core i9 are the Ryzen 9 processors. These are workstation grade CPUs that offer 16 cores, 32 threads and are intended mostly for professional builds. …

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How Many PCIe Slots Do I Need?

how many pcie slots do i need featured

The amount of PCIe slots you needs depends upon how many PCIe expansion cards you wish to install. A motherboard can have anywhere between a single PCIe slot, all the way upto 6 or 7 seven slots in varying configuration and sizes. So the answer to the question, how many PCIe slots do I need …

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How to Check if RAM is Dual Channel?

how to check if ram is dual channel featured

So you’ve bought a shiny new 16 GB memory kit with two RAM sticks and full-on RGB features. Excitedly, you install the new RAM sticks in the motherboard and boot up your system. Everything seems fine till your PC starts stuttering. Your games start taking significantly longer to load and your FPS are taking a …

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