Why Do Motherboards Have HDMI Ports?

If PCs have a dedicated graphics card with video connectivity ports then why do motherboards have HDMI ports as well? Why have the redundancy? The answer to this question is fairly simple. Motherboards have HDMI ports for connecting your monitor to IN CASE if your PC does not have a dedicated graphics card. Many budget …

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Why Do Motherboards Have Batteries?

why do motherboards have batteries

If you take a closer look at your motherboard, you will find that it has a peculiar little coin cell battery similar to what you find on a watch. This begs the question why do motherboards have batteries? Well in the most simple of terms, the battery you find on a motherboard is called the …

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What is the Safe Idle CPU Temperature?

What is the Safe Idle CPU Temperature featured

Modern-day CPUs with immense power and high TDP generate a lot of heat. Minor heating is standard and nothing to be worried about. On the other hand, if the processor reaches exceptionally high temperatures, it can take some permanent damage. This is why constant monitoring and precautions are necessary. In order to stay in safe …

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Difference Between APU vs GPU

Difference Between APU vs GPU featured

Every working PC requires some form of graphics processor (GPU) to generate a display. Now this graphics processor may be integrated or dedicated, but the basic purpose remains the same: display & rendering of frames. While the term GPU in common language mean a dedicated graphics. The term GPU actual relates to both dedicated and integrated. …

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