10 Things That Can Be Plugged in PCIe Slots

10 things that can be plugged in pcie slots

PCIe slots can be occupied with numerous kinds of expansion cards/add-in cards. Graphics cards are one of the most common devices you plug into PCIe slots. You can also add network cards, SSD expansion cards, sound cards, storage controller cards, RAID controllers, video capture cards, TV tuner cards, and Risers cards to the PCIe slots. …

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What are PCIe Cables Used For?

what are pcie power cables used for

PCIe cables power the installed graphics cards and other large, power-hungry expansion cards. PCIe cables connect directly from the Power Supply Unit to the installed PCIe Expansion Card; Graphics Card. A typical PCIe x16 slot on which you install the graphics card supplies 75 watts of power. This is not nearly sufficient for many mid …

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How to Add More PCIe Slots?

how to add more pcie slots

You can add more PCIe Slots to your computer using a PCIe splitter. It would be best to have a free PCIe expansion slot on your motherboard to plug in a PCIe splitter, aka riser, which then fans out to multiple external PCIe slots. Having the option to add more PCIe slots is essential if …

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How to Check How Many PCIe Lanes Do I Have?


The total number of PCIe lanes on your system can range from 30 on an average PC to 128 on workstations.  The amount of PCIe lanes you have depends upon your processor and the motherboard chipset. There are many ways you can determine this number. The easiest is to consult the specifications of the products. …

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