Which M.2 Slot To Use? Does It Matter?

which m.2 slot to use featured

The SSD jargon and technical details can confuse even the most seasoned PC builders. SSDs, PCIe, M.2, Gen3, Gen4, SATA, M-Key, etc., are but a few terms that can overwhelm a new SSD stick buyer. And the fact is that each of these details matters tremendously. These details not only matter when buying an SSD …

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What Does Check Signal Cable Mean?

What Does Check Signal Cable Mean Featured

It can be dreadful to see your monitor not display anything even after you have connected it to a video output port on your PC. In this situation, you will often see a prompt on your monitor saying “Check Signal Cable,” begging the question, “What does check signal cable mean after all?” A check signal …

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What are the Cables Needed for PC Build?

cables needed for pc build

Building a PC is similar to solving a jigsaw puzzle. You’ll first need to find the right compatible components. Then you need to know where all the details need to go, and finally, you need to figure out how they would connect and interface. Most PC components interface via cables, which begs the question, what …

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Is 6GB Graphics Card Enough for Gaming?

is 6gb graphics card enough for gaming featured

The 6GB graphics cards still hold an extraordinary place in the current race featuring ever higher VRAM. While 6GB is nowhere near the top-of-the-line graphics card like the NVIDIA RTX 4090 (24 GB) feature, they are still highly relevant for gamers today. The simple answer to whether a 6GB graphics card is enough for gaming …

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Difference Between AMD Athlon vs. Intel Pentium (Explained)

Difference Between AMD Athlon vs Intel Pentium

AMD Athlon and Intel Pentium CPUs are lightweight champions of their respective brands. Essentially though, the Athlon and the Pentium series serve the bottom rung of the PC market. AMD Athlon and Intel Pentium are entry-level CPUs that are great for people looking for basic computing. This includes office work (report writing, working on Excel …

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How Fast is PCIe x16?

How Fast is PCIe x16 featured

PCIe x16 slot is generally considered the fastest slot on a given motherboard. However, the actual speed of the x16 slot depends upon the version of the PCIe standard it conforms to. The reason for this is simple. With every new iteration of the PCIe standard, the per-lane speed doubles. Meaning a PCIe x16 slot …

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Difference Between Intel Celeron vs. i7

Difference Between Intel Celeron vs i7

The Intel Core i7 CPUs are light years ahead in performance compared to the Intel Celeron CPUs. Whereas the Intel Celeron CPUs are used only for the basics of tasks, the Intel Core i7 CPUs are used for professionals, enthusiast gamers, and workstations. And, of course, this difference is also represented in the price point. …

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How Many Hard Drives Can a PC Have?

How many Hard drives can a pc have

The number of hard drives a PC can have depends upon two factors. Firstly, it relies on the hard drive you wish to install, i.e., Hard Disk Drive or SSD. Secondly, it depends on your motherboard’s expansion capability, i.e., ports and slots. As such, there is no maximum number of hard drives a PC can …

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