Does Ryzen Have Integrated Graphics?

does ryzen have integrated graphics featured

Integrated graphics cards are an integral part of most budget and mainstream PCs as they enable basic video output capability. While most Intel CPUs do have integrated graphics, for those interested in AMD system the question remains “does Ryzen have integrated graphics?” The answer to that question is Yes AND No because whether your Ryzen …

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Which Intel and AMD CPUs Support PCIe 4.0?

Every new PCIe version brings with it tremendous gains in speeds. So much so that with every newer version, the speed doubles compared to the previous version. In other words, each PCIe 4.0 lane is twice as fast as the previous PCIe 3.0 lane. As of writing this article, the most current version of PCIe …

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Is PCIe Backward Compatible?

Is PCIe Backward Compatible

Simply put, the answer to the question “is PCIe backward compatible?” is a resounding yes! The PCIe interface is not just backward compatible, it is also forward compatible. What this means is that if you have an older PCIe expansion card you can install it on a motherboard with a newer PCIe version. Conversely, if …

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Is Integrated Graphics Card Good Enough?

is an integrated graphics card good enough

Whether integrated graphics card is good enough for you or not depends upon the nature of your work and your requirements. If you use your PC for casual and office tasks like browsing, word processing, casual photo and video editing etc, then an integrated graphics card is good enough. If you are a professional photo …

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Do Motherboards Have Bluetooth?

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Whether your motherboard has Bluetooth depends upon whether it has a WiFi card installed or not. If your motherboard has a built-in WiFi card or a WiFi expansion card installed separately in a PCIe slot, then your motherboard will have Bluetooth connectivity as well. Unfortunately, it is also not uncommon to find most desktop motherboards …

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