What is AMD Equivalent to Celeron?

what is AMD equivalent to celeron

Most of us are familiar with the Intel CPU lineup, however, with the growing popularity of its competitor, many are turning towards the team red (AMD). Intel Celeron, however, holds a very unique place. It does not have a direct competitor in AMD. Intel Celeron CPUs represent the bottom most rung of the PC CPU …

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Is 256 GB SSD Enough?

Whether a 256 GB SSD is enough for you or not depends entirely upon your use case. 256 GB SSD is often found on pre-built PCs or laptops that are cheap and budget-friendly.  If you are a student or an office user, a 256 GB SSD can actually be sufficient for you. However, if you …

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Can You Use Gen 3 SSD on PS5?

Can you use gen 3 SSD on PS5 featured

Many of you must already be familiar with what an SSD is and if you have a PC that is about half a decade or so old, then there are high chances that you may at least have had experience with a Gen 3 PCIe SSD. The newer consoles, including PS5, however, were released when …

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What is the Suitable Idle Temperature for GPU?

The GPU is often the most expensive component inside a gaming PC. Due to the intensive processing power, the GPUs can run at rather high temperatures just like the CPU. Although the heating is normal, there are levels at which you should be seriously concerned. The processing, data transfer, calculations, etc. that occur inside the …

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Why Does My Laptop Keep Freezing?

Why does may laptop keep freezing

We have all experienced computer freezing at one point or another. It can be quite the frustrating  experience particularly if you are in the middle of your work or in an intense gaming session. In majority of the cases, freezes happen only once in a blue moon. However, other times this could be a chronic …

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