Do You Need Two Graphics Cards for Dual Monitors?

Do You Need Two Graphics Cards for Dual Monitors

Having dual monitors for your PC can make your work experience more efficient and your gaming experience more lively. However, if you are new to setting up a dual monitor display, then you may rightly ask “do you need two graphics cards for dual monitors?” The simple answer to that question is a no. You …

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Where is the Graphics Card Located?

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For those who are new to PC building and PC hardware, it can be difficult to identify components. To understand what a graphics card is, you may have to first figure out where is the graphics card located.  Basically, the location of graphics a card depends upon what kind of graphics card you have. Integrated …

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Do Laptops Have Graphics Card?

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Yes, ALL laptops have a graphics card. In fact all PCs with display capability have to have a graphics card. Without a graphics card, you would not be able to see anything on your monitor screen. The question, “do laptops have graphics card?” should in fact be rephrased as “do laptops have DEDICATED graphics card?”. …

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Does Graphics Card Affect FPS?

If you have been experiencing lags and stutters in your visuals, particularly with your games, then you are suffering from a bad FPS (frames per second). The only remedy for this issue is to get a more powerful graphics card. Hence the answer to the question, “does graphics card affect FPS”? is a resounding yes! …

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Do You Need a Graphics Card for Minecraft?

The question “Do you need a graphics card for Minecraft?” actually refers to whether you need a DEDICATED graphics card or not. In other words, is an integrated graphics card good enough for Minecraft? The simple answer to the question is, No! you DO NOT need a dedicated graphics card for Minecraft to work. Minecraft …

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Can a Motherboard Bottleneck a GPU?

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Yes, in short, a motherboard CAN bottleneck a GPU, however, the exact cause of the bottleneck isn’t the entire motherboard, but a specific interface called PCIe and the corresponding PCIe slots. There are two ways the motherboard can bottleneck your GPU. Firstly, if you have a newer generation graphics card and you plug it into …

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