Do You Need a Graphics Card for Fortnite?

do you need a graphics card for fortnite featured

Fortnite is a game that almost everyone out there wants to get a taste off. Unfortunately though, not everyone has deep pockets to dish out hundreds of dollars to buy a dedicated graphics card for gaming. This begs the question, “do you need a graphics card for Fortnite at all?” If you are talking about …

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Is 4GB Graphics Card Enough for Gaming?


Whether or not 4GB graphics card is enough for gaming or not depends upon what make and model it is. 4GB VRAM is found on newer as well as on more than half a decade old graphics cards.  As such, the performance scores of the latest generation of 4GB graphics cards cannot be compared with …

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Is a 2GB Graphics Card Good for Gaming?

Is a 2GB Graphics Card Good for Gaming

In majority of the cases, NO, a 2GB graphics card is NOT good for gaming. 2 GB VRAM is generally found on older generation mid-range or newer generation low-end dedicated graphics cards. As such, if you are avid gamer and someone who likes to play the latest AAA titles, then a graphics card featuring 2GB …

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Are Graphics Cards Plug and Play?

Generally, the answer to the question “are graphics cards plug and play?” is a yes. So essentially, you can plug in a graphics card in its respective PCIe x16 slot on the motherboard with the PCIe power cables connected and it should work. However, there is a critical caveat here with drivers. Basically, you may …

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How to Switch to Integrated Graphics?

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There are many methods for switching your PC to use integrated graphics instead of the dedicated graphics cards. You can, for instance, remove the dedicated GPU in case of desktops, you can also disable the dedicated GPU from the device manager or use the dedicated GPUs control panel to set which apps use integrated or …

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Why Do Laptops Have Two Graphics Cards?

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Often laptops have two graphics cards for performance and power consumption management. In this configuration, one of the graphics card is used for light applications and thus conserves power, whereas, the second graphics card is used when heavier applications are being run. The graphics card intended for low-key tasks, like word processing, and for battery …

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Do I Need Integrated Graphics?

do i need integrated graphics

Whether you need an integrated graphics card or not depends upon whether you plan to buy a dedicated graphics card for your PC build or not. If you plan to buy a dedicated graphics card for your PC build, then you will NOT need to have an integrated graphics on your CPU at all. Generally …

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