How Long Do GPUs Last? | Graphics Card Age

How long do GPUs last

Gaming computers are always expensive, and the GPU consumes much of the overall budget. While making such an investment, you might wonder how long the GPU will last. It is almost impossible to specify an exact age for the GPU. This is evident because some GPUs released nearly 6-7 years ago (like the GTX 1080) …

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Do You Need a Graphics Card for Fortnite?

do you need a graphics card for fortnite featured

Fortnite is a game that almost everyone out there wants to get a taste of. Unfortunately, though, only some have deep pockets to dish out hundreds of dollars to buy a dedicated graphics card for gaming. This begs the question, “do you need a graphics card for Fortnite at all?” If you are talking about …

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Is 4GB Graphics Card Enough for Gaming?


Whether or not a 4GB graphics card is enough for gaming depends on its make and model. 4GB VRAM is found on newer and more than half-a-decade-old graphics cards. As such, the performance scores of the latest generation of 4GB graphics cards cannot be compared with that of the older generation 4GB. However, as far …

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Is a 2GB Graphics Card Good for Gaming?

Is a 2GB Graphics Card Good for Gaming

In most cases, a 2GB graphics card is NOT suitable for gaming. 2 GB VRAM is generally found on older mid-range or newer low-end dedicated graphics cards. As such, if you are an avid gamer and someone who likes to play the latest AAA titles, then a graphics card featuring 2GB would generally not be …

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Are Graphics Cards Plug and Play?

Are graphics cards plug and play

Generally, the answer to the question “are graphics cards plug and play?” is a yes. So, you can plug in a graphics card in its respective PCIe x16 slot on the motherboard with the PCIe power cables connected, and it should work. However, there is a critical caveat here with drivers. You’ll need to install …

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How to Switch to Integrated Graphics?

how to switch to integrated graphics featured

There are many methods to switch your PC to integrated graphics instead of dedicated graphics cards. You can, for instance, remove the dedicated GPU when it comes to desktops. You can also disable the dedicated GPU from the device manager or use the dedicated GPUs control panel to set which apps use the integrated or …

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Why Do Laptops Have Two Graphics Cards?

why do laptops have two graphics cards featured

Often laptops have two graphics cards for performance and power consumption management. In this configuration, one of the graphics cards is used for light applications and thus conserves power, whereas the second is used when heavier applications are being run. The graphics card intended for low-key tasks, like word processing, and for battery conservation is …

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Do I Need Integrated Graphics?

do i need integrated graphics

The integrated graphics on your CPU powers the video output ports on your motherboard. If your CPU lacks an iGPU, the motherboard video output ports will not work. PC builds that focus more on essential day-to-day work, office work, or simple editing work often do not feature a dedicated graphics card. These simple builds require …

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Do All CPUs Have Integrated Graphics Card?

do all CPUS have integrated graphics featured 2

If you do not want to go through the hassle of reading the entire article, then then the short and simple answer to the question “Do all CPUs have integrated graphics cards?” is a no. Intel and AMD have CPU series that does not feature an integrated graphics card. The best way to know this …

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