Do Laptops Have PCIe Slots?

do laptops have pcie slots featured

The short and simple answer to the question “do laptops have PCIe slots?” is a no. Unlike desktop motherboards, laptops DO NOT have PCIe slots. While laptops do use the PCIe protocol for communication, they do not have physical PCIe slots for adding more cards into. As such, the expandability aspect of a laptop is …

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What is Motherboard Revision and How to Find It?

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Often times when troubleshooting issues on your motherboard or when contacting the official support, you need to know the motherboard revision. Knowing what your motherboard’s revision is further helps in pinpointing the cause of your issues. For instance, if a certain issue lies with the BIOS, then the motherboard’s revision will help figure that out. …

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Can B Series Motherboards Overclock?

Can B Series Motherboards Overclock featured

Whether you can overclock a B series motherboard or not depends upon whether you are talking about the Intel or the AMD B series chipsets. As far as AMD is concerned, the answer to the question “can B series motherboards overclock?” is affirmative. However, for Intel, that is not the case. Intel B series motherboard …

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Can You Upgrade a Laptop Motherboard?

can you upgrade a laptops motherboard featured

Generally the answer is a NO, unfortunately. Laptop motherboards cannot be upgraded. The simple reason being that the laptop motherboards are not uniform. They differ drastically in size and power requirements. Unlike with desktop motherboards, the laptop motherboards do not have a standard size. While laptops from a single brand and from a similar series …

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Are All Motherboards the Same Size?

are all motherboards the same size

The answer to the question “are all motherboards the same size?” is a resounding NO, not all motherboards are of the same size. Motherboards can vary drastically in terms of their physical dimensions. Some are small, whereas others are large. There is no universal motherboard size. The size of a motherboard is described by its …

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