Where is Motherboard in Device Manager?

Where is motherboard in device manager

Unlike most of the devices, the motherboard cannot be found intuitively in the Device Manager. Instead, it is bundled with a myriad of other critical components under the “System Devices” tab. In this article we will look further into where is motherboard in Device Manager exactly, which tabs to open and which elements to look …

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How to Connect Power Button to Motherboard?

How to connect power button to motherboard

Connecting the case power button to the motherboard is a fairly simple processor. You will certainly need your motherboard’s manual for this though. Basically, to connect power button to motherboard, you need to locate the correct pair of pins (aka terminals) on the motherboard that are intended for power switch. These pins are often located …

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What Does SATA Cable Look Like?

what does sata cable look like

SATA is one of two primary interfaces through which you connect critical components to your PC (the other one being PCIe). It is used by storage drives including hard disk drives, optical CD/DVD drives, as well as SATA Solid State Drives. When you are new to building PC or adding a component, things can get …

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Why is a Motherboard Important?

Motherboards are fairly complex instruments. Essentially, every computer has one and it plays many different roles. So why is a motherboard important? Modern motherboards are basically the main building block of a PC. If CPU is the brain, then motherboard is the body of a computer. Earlier computers didn’t have motherboards but they still worked …

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Do Motherboards Come with WiFi? Yes OR No

Do motherboards come with WiFi featured

Simply put, desktop motherboards do not ALL come with with built-in WiFi. Most often than not in the budget and mid range category, the motherboards do not offer built-in WiFi by default. Fortunately though, most manufacturer do offer WiFi variant of certain motherboards at an extra cost. Laptop motherboards, on the hand hand, do come …

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