Difference Between PCIe x1 vs x16

difference between PCIe x1 and x16

A PCIe x1 slot has a single PCIe lane, whereas a PCIe x16 slot can have 4, 8, or 16 lanes, depending on how configured. Therefore, as far as the performance goes, a PCIe x16 slot can handle far more demanding expansion cards than a PCIe x1 slot. PCIe interface is critical for any PC …

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Are All SATA Cables The Same?

are all sata cables the same featured

The simple answer to the question “are all SATA cables the same?” is a yes. As far as the performance goes, ALL SATA cables are the same. Therefore, if you have an old SATA cable lying around and want to use it on your shiny new motherboard to connect a new hard drive, you most …

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Does My Motherboard Support Quad Channel Memory?

Does my motherboard support quad channel memory

To get the best out of your RAM sticks, they should operate in multi-channel mode. The higher the data channels, the better the performance of the RAM sticks. Most motherboards offer dual-channel technology. Therefore, the answer to your question, “does my motherboard support quad-channel memory?” is generally a no. An average commercial PC, or even …

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What Is a Bricked Motherboard?

what is a bricked motherboard featured

A bricked motherboard is a motherboard that has stopped working altogether. This is essentially the worst-case scenario for your motherboard. A motherboard gets bricked generally after a faulty BIOS upgrade. A motherboard can also be bricked if it comes broken. This is often referred to as DOA or Dead on Arrival.  However, “bricked motherboard” is …

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What Happens When CMOS Battery Dies?

What Happens When CMOS Battery Dies

When a CMOS battery dies or fails, it can manifest itself in myriad ways, all of which are ugly and lead to system malfunction. In this article, I will discuss in detail what happens when a CMOS battery dies or fails. When a CMOS battery dies or is near depletion, one of the most common …

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How to Identify BIOS Chip on Motherboard?

How To Identify BIOS Chip On Motherboard featured

BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. This simple computer program is used when a computer turns on. It is the first operating system that talks directly to the hardware. Here I will talk about identifying the BIOS chip on the motherboard. You can use this information for your knowledge or if you want to do …

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