How Fast is PCIe x16?

How Fast is PCIe x16 featured

PCIe x16 slot is generally considered the fastest slot on a given motherboard. However, the actual speed of the x16 slot depends upon the version of the PCIe standard it conforms to. The reason for this is simple. With every new iteration of the PCIe standard, the per-lane speed doubles. Meaning a PCIe x16 slot …

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Why Do Motherboards Have HDMI Ports?

Why Do Motherboards Have HDMI Ports

If PCs have a dedicated graphics card with video connectivity, why do motherboards also have HDMI ports? Why have the redundancy? The answer to this question is simple. Motherboards have HDMI ports for connecting your monitor in case your PC does not have a dedicated graphics card. Many budget and non-gaming PCs out there lack …

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Why Do Motherboards Have Batteries?

why do motherboards have batteries

If you look closer at your motherboard, it has a peculiar little coin cell battery similar to what you see on a watch. This begs the question, why do motherboards have batteries? Well, in the simplest terms, the battery you find on a motherboard is called the CMOS battery. It serves the unique and critical …

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