Is Core i7 Good for Gaming?

is core i7 good for gaming featured

Intel Core i7s are high-end CPUs intended for performance-grade PCs. In the hierarchy for Intel commercial CPUs, i7s are at the top end of the spectrum trailing only behind the more expensive Intel Core i9s. The hallmark of the Core i7 CPUs is their high core count giving them an excellent multi-core performance score. However, …

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Is Intel Celeron Good for School Work?

is intel celeron good for school work

Intel Celeron is perhaps the weakest line of CPUs in the market. It is even inferior to the entry-level Intel Pentium and the AMD Athlon series. Compared to an Intel Core i3, it is many factors slower. However, regardless of where it stands in terms of performance, the Intel Celeron series still has an ace …

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Is Intel Celeron Good for Gaming?

Is intel celeron good for gaming

Intel Celeron is among the weakest, if not THE lowest, line of CPUs in the laptop and desktop PCs market. The most significant advantage they have to their side is their extremely budget price tag. Anything that remotely requires a higher level of computing should look elsewhere. But for gamers on a budget, the question …

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What is a Good Processor Speed for a Laptop?

What is a Good Processor Speed for a Laptop

Many laptop processors have different specifications like transistor size, core count, thread count, cache memory, TDP, etc. However, the key feature that people still look at to judge the performance of a CPU is its clock speed. So what is a good processor speed for a laptop? We must study several different laptop processors from …

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LGA vs. PGA CPU Surface Mount Technology: Which One is Better?

LGA vs PGA featured

LGA and PGA are types of surface mount technologies (SMT) that define how the processor will mount on the motherboard. LGA stands for Land Grid Array, and PGA stands for Pin Grid Array. LGA-based CPUs have flat surface contacts, whereas the PGA CPUs have pins for interfacing with the motherboard.  Different manufacturers use different techniques, …

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Is a Dual-Core Processor Good for Gaming?

is a dual core processor good for gaming

Gaming is one of the most resource-heavy tasks you can perform on your PC. As such, dual-core processors are not the ideal CPUs for gaming. They are essentially reserved for basic PCs, which are not intended to perform much heavy lifting. With that said, depending on what your overall budget is and depending on what …

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How to Tell if Your CPU is Bad or Dead?

how to tell if CPU is bad

An array of telltale signs can indicate whether your CPU is damaged beyond repair. For instance, if your computer starts and turns off abruptly or your system just randomly turns off, it could indicate that your CPU is bad. However, the issues you can potentially get with a bad CPU are similar to those you …

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