What Does PCIe x16 Mean?

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PCIe x16 is a motherboard slot with 16 data links known as PCIe lanes. This slot has the highest throughput rate and can be occupied with expansion cards with a very high bandwidth requirement, such as graphics cards. Modern motherboards in desktops are highly customizable. You can install more components for better performance if you …

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What Does Processor Count Mean?

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Processor Count refers to the number of Cores a CPU has. A core is a tiny processor built into a larger chipset capable of independent computations. The number of cores varies greatly, with some CPUs sporting two and beefed-up ones having up to 64 or more cores. In the old days, when things were simpler, …

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How to Check PCI Express Slot Version?

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There are various ways to check the PCI Express slot version on the motherboard. The easiest way is to use a free-to-use third-party computer profiling software. You can also use other methods like referring to the spec sheet if you know your motherboard’s model or manually checking for inscriptions or labels on your board. Knowing …

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