How Many SATA Ports Do I Have?

How many sata ports do i have

Basically, the actual number will depend on the board itself. An average motherboard has about 4-8 SATA ports. Things such as motherboard size and chipset matter here. Currently the number of SATA ports on motherboards ranges from 0 – 13. But again high number of SATA ports are only found in expensive and specialized boards …

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How Many PCIe Lanes Does M.2 Slot Use?

How many pcie lanes does m.2 slot use

At the moment with the current NVMe SSD speeds and the newer PCIe 4.0 version, the M.2 slot uses a maximum of 4 PCIe lanes. However, depending upon your motherboard configuration the amount of PCIe lanes the M.2 slot actually uses may differ. M.2 is an interface widely used today for high speed SSDs. It …

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