Can You Use AMD GPU with Intel CPU?

Can You Use AMD GPU with Intel CPU

Yes, you absolutely can use AMD GPU with Intel CPU. There should be no conflicts or issues when running AMD graphics cards with an Intel processor. People often assume that their products would be incompatible since AMD and Intel are rivals in the microprocessor segment. Fortunately, this isn’t Microsoft vs. Apple. There is a level …

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Difference Between Intel Celeron vs Intel i3: Explained

Difference Between Intel Celeron and Core i3

Intel Celeron and Intel Core i3 CPUs are entirely different breeds of CPUs. They belong to very different price and performance categories; therefore, it is pretty funny to compare the two. However, newbies need to be better versed with what is available and can need clarification on Intel Celeron and i3. In straightforward terms, the …

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Difference Between Intel Pentium vs i5

Difference Between Intel Pentium vs i5

Intel Pentium and Intel Core i5 completely differ in performance and price categories. They are so far apart regarding differences that a simple comparison is ridiculous. Yet, more often than not, those who are entirely new to PC hardware often ask about the differences between Intel Pentium vs. i5. Intel Pentiums are entry-level CPUs, whereas …

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Laptop CPU vs. Desktop CPU – How They Differ

laptop cpu vs desktop cpu featured 2

There is no doubt that desktop CPUs perform better than laptop CPUs. However, it would be best if you looked at several factors to understand the true extent of differences between laptop and desktop CPUs. You have to look at the clock speed, core count, single-core and multi-core performance, and consider different series of CPUs …

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How Many Cores Does an i5 Have?

how many cores an i5 have featured

Intel Core i5 CPUs are what we call the “mainstream” CPUs. Whether a gamer or a professional, an i5 can give you excellent performance and value. As far as the question of how many cores an i5 have goes all depends upon the model in question. Looking at Core i5s broadly, they can have anywhere …

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Do Games Use Multiple Cores? – How Many Cores Games Need?

Do games use multiple cores

With many high-end CPUs featuring upwards of 8, 10, and even 16 cores, the gamer in you may rightly ask, “do games use multiple cores?” Well, the answer to that question depends on what game you are interested in. Generally. the answer is a resounding yes. Games do use multiple cores. However, depending on the particular …

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How is Processor Speed Measured?

how is processor speed measured

There was a time when how well a processor performed was judged by its clock speed primarily. However, the clock speed has been relegated to just one of many metrics determining CPU speed. This begs the question, how is processor speed measured precisely? For a consumer, the best way to measure the speed and to …

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How Many Cores Does an i3 Have?

How many cores does an i3 have

Intel Core i3 CPUs have come a long way in terms of their performance. So much so that the current-gen Core i3s are comparable to both performance and core count to the Intel Core i7s released recently. Which begs the question, how many cores does an i3 have? Well, the answer to that question really …

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Is Intel Pentium Good for Gaming?

Is Intel Pentium Good for Gaming featured

If you are on a tight budget and want to build a gaming PC with limited resources, you would naturally look into the entry-level hardware segment. Intel Pentium CPUs are entry-level CPUs intended for light work, but the question remains “is Intel Pentium good for gaming or not?” Gaming is one of the most strenuous …

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How to Monitor CPU and GPU Temp While Gaming?

How to check GPU and CPU temp while gaming featured

If you suspect that an overheating GPU or a CPU is causing the lags or stutters in your gameplay, or perhaps if you want to check the integrity of your PC’s cooling system, particularly after overclocking, then you will want to know how to monitor CPU and GPU temp while gaming. Fortunately, monitoring the CPU …

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