Is Ryzen 3 Good for Gaming?

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AMD Ryzen 3 is considered the stepping stone into performance computing. These processors appeal to those with a tight budget but still looking for something that can do some heavy lifting. As such, AMD Ryzen 3 CPUs are great for budget gaming rigs. Generally, they can quickly meet the requirements of most AAA games out …

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Is AMD Athlon Good for Gaming?

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AMD Athlon is the entry-level CPU from AMD. They are intended mostly for essential use only. This includes average day-to-day use such as web surfing, report writing, etc. Compared to Intel, they are closely matched with the Pentium processors and lie somewhere in the bottom rung of the overall CPU hierarchy. This brings us to …

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Is Intel Core i5 Good for Gaming?

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Intel Core i5 processors are generally considered the golden standard for gamers. In terms of performance, they sit right in the middle echelon of Intel’s performance hierarchy, but they have just the correct type of specs that most contemporary AAA games use. As such, as far as the question of value for money goes for …

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Is Intel Core i3 Good for Gaming?

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Intel Core i3 CPUs are the stepping stone into performance computing. They are neither as weak as the Celeron or the Pentiums nor as strong as their more powerful Intel Core i5 or i7 cousins. So this begs the question, “is Intel Core i3 good for gaming or not.” Well, the simple answer to that …

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What is AMD Equivalent to Core i9?


Core i9 CPUs are some of the beefiest CPUs that Intel offers. Essentially, the AMD equivalent to Core i9 is the Ryzen 9 processor, just like the rest of the series. These workstation-grade CPUs offer 16 cores and 32 threads and are intended chiefly for professional builds. Regarding performance, the Core i9 and Ryzen 9 …

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Which Intel and AMD CPUs Support DDR5 RAM?

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DDR5 RAM modules are finally here; however, as is the case with every new RAM generation, you need to have newer-gen hardware to support them, this includes newer compatible CPUs. So which Intel and AMD CPUs support DDR5 RAM? Currently, there aren’t many Intel or AMD CPUs that support the newer DDR5 RAM. Of course, …

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