How is Processor Speed Measured?

how is processor speed measured

There was a time when how well a processor performed was judged by its clock speed primarily. However, today, the clock speed has been relegated to being just one of many metrics that goes into determining a CPU speed. This begs the question, how is processor speed measured exactly? For a consumer, the best way …

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How Many Cores Does an i3 Have?

How many cores does an i3 have

Intel Core i3 CPUs have a come along way in terms of their performance. So much so that the current gen Core i3s are comparable to both performance and core count to Intel Core i7s released not so long ago. Which begs the question, how many cores does an i3 have? Well the answer to …

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Is Intel Pentium Good for Gaming?

Is Intel Pentium Good for Gaming featured

If you are on a tight budget and want to build a gaming PC with limited resources, then you would naturally look into entry level hardware segment. Intel Pentium CPUs are basically entry level CPUs intended for light work, but the question remains “is Intel Pentium good for gaming or not?”. Simply put, gaming is …

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What is CPU Throttling? – Thermal Throttling

If you are remotely into CPUs, or even into overclocking, you may have heard of a term called “CPU throttling”. What is CPU throttling and why should you care? Basically, CPU throttling is the means through which a CPU controls its clock speed and voltage either automatically depending on the workload or due to the …

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i5 vs i7 for Video Editing – Which is Better?

Intel Core i5 vs i7 for video edting featured

Professionals and intermediate users often compare Core i5 vs i7 for video editing. They are both very popular CPU series for professionals. However, differentiating their use-case can get a bit confusing. The fact of the matter is that the Intel Core i7 CPU is generally considered the holy grail for video editing and for content …

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How Many Pins Does a CPU Have?

HOw many does a CPU have featured

All CPUs have pins on them for forming an electrical connection with the motherboard. However, the amount of pins a CPU has is not uniform. So how many pins does a CPU have really? Basically, as said earlier, the amount of pins a CPU has can vary depending upon the socket it supports. For instance …

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Where is the CPU Located in a Computer?

 A CPU is fairly hard to miss on any given computer. However, for the uninitiated and newcomers, even simple things can seem a bit confusing given the nature of how complex PC hardware is. So where is the CPU located in a computer? Basically, a CPU sits on a motherboard on holder called “CPU Socket”. …

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