How to Tell if CPU is Bad or Dead?

how to tell if CPU is bad

There is an array of telltale signs that can indicate whether you CPU is damaged beyond repaid or not. For instance, if your computer starts and turns off abruptly or if your system just randomly turns off at times, then it could indicate that your CPU is bad. However, the issues that you can potentially …

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How to Check if CPU is Overclocked?

There are many ways to check if your CPU is overclocked or not. Some are quite intuitive and easy to follow while others require a tiny bit of technical know-how. Essentially, here will review the three popular ways on how to check if CPU is overclocked or not. Basically, the first method is the easiest …

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How to Test Motherboard Without CPU?

There are many reasons why you would want to test your motherboard without the CPU attached. Essentially, this test would allow you to troubleshoot your motherboard and point to where a certain fault lies. Testing a motherboard without a CPU is quite simple. You have to make sure that it is connected to the power …

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Will Motherboard Post Without CPU?

will motherboard post wihout CPU

The simple answer here is that the computer will NOT POST without a CPU as far as DISPLAYING the POST screen is concerned, however, it may flash LEDs or make beeping sounds which is also considered a function of the POST. The motherboard on your computer is a very important component. It is literally the …

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Is a Quad Core Processor Good for Gaming?

You have to check a few boxes when building your gaming PC to avoid any surprises or disappointments. It’s therefore a great idea to ask questions such as is a quad core processor good for gaming or not. Many games will run just fine on a quad core processor, including some modern triple-A titles. But …

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What is AMD Equivalent to Intel Core i7?

What is AMD Equivalent to Core i7

Essentially, the AMD equivalent to Core i7 are the AMD Ryzen 7 processors. This is a family of generally high-performance CPUs that pack a lot of power, delivering up to 8 cores and 16 threads with copious amounts of clock speeds and overclocking capabilities. When building a PC for heavy lifting and professional work, you …

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How to Check What is My Processor Architecture?

What is my processor architecture

You can check your processor architecture using several methods. You can use the built in services in the OS such as the command line or you can consult the processor manufacturer spec sheet for more details. Beginners often ask what is my processor architecture for several reasons. Firstly, it determines which Windows version you can …

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