Do Motherboards Come with WiFi? Yes OR No

Do motherboards come with WiFi featured

Simply put, desktop motherboards do not ALL come with with built-in WiFi. Most often than not in the budget and mid range category, the motherboards do not offer built-in WiFi by default. Fortunately though, most manufacturer do offer WiFi variant of certain motherboards at an extra cost. Laptop motherboards, on the hand hand, do come …

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What are Motherboard Standoffs?

What are motherboard standoffs

A motherboard standoff is basically a small cylindrical-shaped metallic object that screws into dedicated mounting holes on the PC case. The purpose of motherboard standoffs is to lift the motherboard off from the CPU case. Hence, in the simplest of definitions, a standoff is technically a spacer between the motherboard and the case. Motherboard has …

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How to Test Motherboard Without CPU?

There are many reasons why you would want to test your motherboard without the CPU attached. Essentially, this test would allow you to troubleshoot your motherboard and point to where a certain fault lies. Testing a motherboard without a CPU is quite simple. You have to make sure that it is connected to the power …

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Will Motherboard Post Without CPU?

will motherboard post wihout CPU

The simple answer here is that the computer will NOT POST without a CPU as far as DISPLAYING the POST screen is concerned, however, it may flash LEDs or make beeping sounds which is also considered a function of the POST. The motherboard on your computer is a very important component. It is literally the …

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What Does a SATA Port Look Like?

What does a sata port look like 2

Being perhaps the primary interface for connecting hard drives, it is hard to miss out on SATA ports on a motherboard. A SATA port is basically a small port measuring about 1.5 cm x 0.4 cm in dimensions with very specific notches and a highly recognizable L-shaped seven pin connector.   The notches, edges and the …

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How Many SATA Cables Do I Need?

If you have one CD ROM drive and one hard disk, then essentially you will need two SATA Data cables and two SATA Power cables. One set of cables per drive.  Basically, each SATA drive requires a SATA Data cable and a SATA Power cable to operate. The SATA cables are provided with the motherboard …

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How to Add More SATA Ports to Motherboard?

How to add more sata ports to motherboard featured 3

You can add more SATA ports to your motherboard using a device called a SATA Expansion Card (also known as SATA Port Multiplier). Essentially, it is a PCIe device that connects to a PCIe slot on your motherboard and may feature multiple SATA connectors for connecting your storage devices to. A modern motherboard has multiple …

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