Can B Series Motherboards Overclock?

Whether you can overclock a B series motherboard or not depends upon whether you are talking about the Intel or the AMD B series chipsets.

As far as AMD is concerned, the answer to the question “can B series motherboards overclock?” is affirmative. However, for Intel, that is not the case. Intel B series motherboard chipsets CANNOT be overclocked.

You see both Intel and AMD make the B series motherboard chipsets and coincidentally, the B series is a mid range motherboard series on both AMD and Intel platforms.

It is also a fairly popular series of motherboard chipsets as it offers a good range of features at a fairly affordable price tag.

In the following text, I will talk about the B series chipset in detail and also highlight whether B series chipset can be overclocked or not.

Both and Intel and AMD Have the B Series Motherboard Chipsets

AMD and Intel both have various motherboard chipsets and coincidentally they both have B series chipsets as well.

Here is a break down of the Intel and AMD chipsets

Intel Commercial PC Chipsets:

Chipset Examples Overclock Support? Market Segment
Intel H*10 Intel H410
Intel H510
Intel H610
No Budget
Intel B*60 Intel B460
Intel H560
Intel H660
No Lower Mid
Intel H*70 Intel H470
Intel H570
Intel H670
No Mid Range
Intel Z*90 Intel Z490
Intel Z590
Intel Z690
Yes Premium 

Note “*” asterisk sign marks the generation

AMD Commercial PC Chipsets:

Chipset Examples Overclock Support? Market Segment
AMD A*20 AMD A320
AMD A520
No Budget
AMD B*50 AMD B450
AMD B550
Yes Mid Range
AMD X*70 AMD X470
AMD X570
Yes Premium 

A motherboard chipset defines so many aspects of your PC such as what CPU it supports, how many PCIe lanes it has and of course whether it supports overclocking or not. 

AMD 500 Series Chipset comparison

So Can B Series Motherboards Overclock?

Can B Series Motherboards Overclock
Even the high end motherboards featuring the Intel B series chipset, such as the ASUS B660 ProArt D4 motherboard, do not support overclocking. Source: Asus

Now as you can see both AMD and Intel have the B series motherboard chipsets and they both cater to the mid market segment.

However, as far as the overclocking support goes, only AMD B series chipsets support overclocking. The Intel B series motherboard chipset DO NOT.

As such motherboard featuring Intel B360, B460, B560, B660 etc DO NOT support overclocking.

On the other hand, motherboards offering the AMD B450, B550 chipsets, however, DO support overclocking.

With Intel you will need to procure the premium and expensive Z series motherboards in order to enable overclocking support for your CPU.

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Why Doesn’t Intel B Series Motherboard Support Overclocking?

It is quite unfortunate for Intel to support overclocking ONLY on their premium Z series chipsets.

There are a few reasons for this. Of course most of the reasons for this have to do with product placement and diversification so that they can capitalize from their products better.

For this reason, Intel does get a lot of flak from the gaming community since this seems like a cheap move by Intel to charge a premium for overclocking support.

It also has to do with the fact that motherboard featuring the B series chipset have weaker subcomponents compared to Z series chipsets.

The B series Intel motherboards have weaker VRMs, lower rating capacitors and fewer power phases. As such, they do not have the capacity to handle overclocking effectively.

Perhaps with the ever growing competition from AMD, Intel will mend its ways and offer overclocking support to a wider range of motherboard chipsets.

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Which Motherboards Support Overclocking?

As far as the commercial motherboards go, only the AMD B, X and Intel Z series support overclocking.

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Do All CPUs Support Overclocking?

No, not all CPUs support overclocking. With Intel, only the K series CPUs such as Intel Core i7 11700K, support overclocking.

Of course, you need to pair a K series CPU with a Z series motherboard in order to overclock it.

AMD CPUs, however, are all overclockable.

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