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PCGuide101 participates in various affiliate programs sponsored by popular merchants and marketplaces. Participating in these programs allows PCGuide101 to receive compensation for the products bought through the affiliate links on the site.

You absolutely do not have to purchase using the affiliate links here. At no point on this website feel compelled to use my affiliate links…but if you do so, I will receive a small compensation at NO extra cost to you and, of course, I will be ever grateful to you. Truth be told, the earnings made through the affiliate commission help keep me and this site afloat.

As far as the content credibility goes viz-a-viz the affiliate relationships of the website, know that the affiliate relationships would not by any chance affect the scores, recommendations and opinions expressed here on products and services. I believe in transparent benchmarking with no favoritism or personal-bias in mind. I believe in letting the numbers do the talking.

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